Our Mission and Vision

Anpic believes in promoting education and culture beyond boundaries. As Anpic is founded in the beautiful and historical state of Odisha, it has a declared aim of promoting the traditional and folk art, craft, culture, medicine, and life practices of the state. Anpic aims at promoting research projects for the sustainable development of the folk and tribal people in Odisha and also encourage their communications with the tribal people from elsewhere. To put it in other words, Anpic emphasizes the need for making opportunities for the tribal people to voice their concerns in the urban platforms through their art, culture, lifestyles and health/medical practices. Anpic underlines the preservation of the environment and traditional knowledge and practices.
One of the major missions of Anpic is to establish a platform for the national and international art and culture. Odisha is a state that has produced a number of creative geniuses in all the fields including art and culture. Anpic aims at generating an international platform for an Odisha Triennale of International Art (OTIA). Each year Anpic would organize a national level exhibition in Odisha integrating the temple cities and folk and tribal spaces. While this annual exhibition is meant for the national artists exclusively, ‘OTIA’ is a platform for the international artists to exhibit along with Indian artists in general and Odisha artists from both the urban and rural areas in particular. This platform will also feature a series of seminars pertaining to the contemporary cultures from all over the world.
Education is a core area in Anpic activities. Anpic intends to generate a series of avenues to generate links with national and international universities for promoting research in the areas of tribal traditions, knowledge systems, medicine practices, art and culture of Odisha and elsewhere. It would also publish research papers, findings, monographs regarding these concerned areas.
Anpic has a mission of establishing an exclusive museum for the folk and tribal art in Odisha. Besides, it also intends to create a contemporary art and culture museum with state of the art facilities.